ECCT Parent Testimony

ECCT has provided an encouraging, joyful introduction to theater and the fine arts for our daughter. Not only is she having fun on the stage, but these experiences are enriching her character, developing confidence, self-discipline, creativity, and leadership. Thank you, ECCT!
As a parent I cannot emphasize enough, the positive impact theater, most specifically ECCT, has had on my 9-year-old. Through camps and productions, he has gained confidence, improved his speaking and communication skills, is able to focus for longer periods of time, built responsibility, and most importantly found an outlet to release energy and have fun. It is an incredible blessing to have this organization and the individuals that continue to advocate for it in Ellis County.
When my kids are grown, their years with ECCT will be counted with their fondest memories. The instruction, support, and encouragement my kids have received extends past the classroom and stage and has a direct impact on their character and building their confidence as young adults.
All kids participate at ECCT, which is a breath of fresh air after years of living in a more densely populated area where that was not the case- which I’m thankful for because it turns out my kids love theater!

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