Ellis County Children’s Theater (ECCT) was founded in 2008 by Gail Stutts Harrell in an effort to redirect choices and afford opportunities to children in Ellis County. A 501(c) 3 non-profit organization, we provide local artists, professional teachers, and directors an organization in which they may collaborate and coordinate skills in creating a rich educational environment for children living in southern Dallas and surrounding counties.

It is the mission of Ellis County Children’s Theater to provide exceptional theater arts education to children in Ellis and surrounding counties in grades Kindergarten through twelfth.  We provide transformative, life changing opportunities with the intention of creating a world of imaginative expression resulting in expanded, positive thinking.

The Vision of Ellis County Theater is:

· Conduct year round classes and productions under the direction of professional teachers and directors.
· Implement all learning styles and abilities in each of our classes and productions.
· Create productions for multi-generational and multi-cultural audiences.
· Connect the skills we teach to the Texas Knowledge and Essential Skills curriculum to teach music and theater skills holistically with Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, and Math education.
· Inspire children to use creative thinking skills in problem-solving, networking, and bold decision making.

We believe tuition costs should not prohibit families from participating in the opportunity to explore the power of live theater.

Executive Board:

Robin Benson

Lori Burney

Leah Carlton

Gail Harrell

Nancy Lilly

Marc Roux

Angie Sanchez

Stephanie Schaefer

Joy Smith

Holly Thompson

Stacey Yee

Production Team:

Leah Carlton

Ria Michener

Stacey Yee

Gail Harrell

Mary Roux

Sommer lord